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We specialise in Self-Managed and RTM Blocks
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Rentrifone have been repairing and installing Door Entry and Access Control systems for nearly 40 years.

Rentrifone supply and install all the major brands and we are in regular contact with the manufacturers of those systems, so that we are able to receive news of all the latest upgrades and new products as soon as they come on to the market.

These brands include all of the following systems…

BPT Auta Elvox Videcon Comelit Fermax
LT Sony Farfisa Videx Urmet Panasonic
Bitron Paxton Bosch Samsung  Bell Siedle

… and that’s not all….


Over the years Rentrifone has often been approached by Residents Associations and Managing Agents who are confronted with unbranded systems they have never seen before. They have stopped working and they have come to us to see if we can do anything to get them going again.

Videx Door Entry

Rentrifone have never let anyone down.

Most of the time Rentrifone can supply parts from branded systems which integrate with the existing system, to get them on their way again. This is often a perfectly satisfactory and cost effective solution which leaves residents with a working system.

However on the extremely rare occasion where we are confronted with a system that does not appear to have come from Planet Earth Rentrifone will suggest a simple replacement with one of their reasonably priced branded alternatives. This is an alternative solution which works very effectively.

Urmet Door Entry


Eventually all systems come to the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. The choice of well made, stylish branded equipment is excellent and Rentrifone can install any of these brands.


Rentrifone will send one of their experience surveyors to thoroughly survey your site. They will also meet with your representatives to discuss your requirements and make some suggestions. This is a FREE service, with no obligation on your part.


These are perfect for where cabling already exist. All that is need are a pair of wires and any modern system – including video – will work through them. No need to replace expensive wiring.

Rentrifone has found this particularly useful when replacing older systems. Firstly these 2-wire systems dispense with the need for rewiring. Older systems are usually multi-wire and Rentrifone can nearly always find a pair of wires within the existing mult-wire cable to use.

Secondly, if Rentrifone can dispense with the need to rewire we have no need to disturb decorations in either the common parts or within flat units.

Comelit Door entry


If no door entry system has ever been fitted and cabling is not an option then a system like the Telguard system is possibly the answer. They have a wide variety of products including the Telguard GSM to suit nearly all applications. This system works off a normal phone line.

Rentrifone have installed Telguard or similar branded systems for over 15 years.


These are ideal for systems up to 6 stations. This would typically be small flats or flat conversions. The kit contains all the basic equipment – including entrance panels, power units and handsets – needed for a simple and cost-effective system. Sold as a package they are very reasonably priced and Rentrifone has installed literally hundreds of these over the years.

They can be maintained and serviced by Rentrifone in exactly the same way as any other system.


You may wish to set your property off with a custom-built or bespoke entrance panel –  the range is endless….

  • Vandal Resistant
  • Stainless steel
  • Polished brass
  • R A L colours
  • Brushed Aluminium

These can be finished off in a variety of styles, and wording can be engraved for that extra stylish touch.

Rentrifone has craftsmen who will hand-make your bespoke entrance panel for you and will do all the engraving you require, based on your designs and instructions.

Also Double entrance panels can be installed by Rentrifone to meet current DDA standards, along with Digital panels for large sites or for sites with multiple blocks. The programming for these will be done by Rentrifone on site.

Bitron Door Entry System


Where a block has a Duty Porter these switchboards allow for multiway communication between the Porter and individual flats, allowing residents to interact with the Duty Porter at all times from their video monitors or audio handsets. This is very much like having your own dedicated internal phone system, exclusively to your block.

Rentrifone will provide and programme your switchboard, taking into account your particular requirements to ensure the seamless integration into the larger door entry / access control system..


Door Entry & Access ControlDoor Entry & Access Control

Access control systems are installed to manage the movement of people in, out and around buildings. In commercial space are also used to improve workplace safety and in domestic applications they are a simple and effective way to provide a barrier to your premises, whilst at the same time giving you the opportunity to record movment of people.

Rentrifone can supply anything from standalone external access control keypads to multi access controls.

A basic system supplied and installed by Rentrifone would typically consist of:

  • Single door control
  • Fully sealed exterior quality proximity reader
  • Request to exit facility
  • Emergency break glass facility
  • Doors open to long facility
  • Voltage or volt free contacts to accommodate most locking mechanisms
  • Proximity tags
  • Full standby battery backup in the event of power failure

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