Door Entry and Access Control

It's Midnight. Your doorbell rings... Who is it?

With a Door Entry System you can communicate safely with your caller. With a Video system you can see them as well.

A Duty Porter Switchboard allows Residents to communicate directly with on-site staff

Rentrifone installs Door Entry Systems to around 3,500 dwellings every year. Over thirty years we have built up a unique rapport with Architects, Managing Agents and all the major Housebuilders.


Access Control

Access control will provide further layers of safety and security to your system. Residents and visitors can be tracked in and out of any building and a full log of their movements can be recorded onto a dedicated computer. Access to specific areas can be made restricted or de-restricted at will.

Programmable swipe-cards and fobs give complete freedom of movement for those with the authorisation – and can be integrated seamlessly with our Door Entry Systems.

This is Access. Controlled.


  • Video and Audio Door entry and Access Control systems
  • Door Entry Systems can be customised by using a wide range of finishes including stainless steel and brass.
  • Card and Proximity Readers. Swipe Cards and Fobs
  • Laptops and desktop PC’s for all computerised systems


We also provide a Second Fix and Commission facility only. Please contact our Sales staff.

Access and Entry





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