Door Entry systems – the advantages of Video

Door Entry Systems

Door Entry systems are now entering their 50th year.

It is hard to believe that door entry systems have been safely letting visitors into blocks of flats for just under half a century.

What is even harder to believe is how far simple door entry systems have progressed in that time.

Fifty years ago all you would find installed in a normal block of flats was an audio handset (sometimes, not even that) – video systems were extremely expensive, bulky and were only fitted into luxury blocks of flats.

The technological advances in door entry systems have leapt forward in the last two decades, making the installation of a video door entry systems, or upgrades to a video door entry system both possible and affordable.

Some of the makes and models we supply and install are shown below.     Urmet Signo - Door entry systems Monitor

As you can see the monitors are no longer bulky and obtrusive. Manufacturers have taken great care to make Comelit - Door entry systems monitor

their monitors attractive and stylish, so that they fit into a very broad spectrum of décor.

This has been achieved by the miniaturisation of components,.

Door entry systems have benefitted from this particular technological advance every bit as much as smartphones.

An example of this is the monitors themselves, which now no longer contain old style TV tubes,

but instead have state of the art CCD or CMOS chips. This is a huge saving in space, which then translate s into better design.


Videx door entry systems monitorIs it worth upgrading from AUDIO door entry systems to VIDEO ?


Clearly the main beneficial difference between audio and video is the fact that you can SEE callers.                         BPT door entry systems monitor

This gives a tremendous security advantage.

There will be a price differential between an audio system and a video system – since there is more

technology in the video system, however in the past twenty years that differential demonstrably shrunk.

This mean that that the cost of installing a video door entry system into (say) a 12 flat block is not appreciably more than an audio system.

The advantages are:

Improved security

A more up-market feel for the blockFermax door entry systems monitor

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