Came BPT

Door Entry / Door Intercom /
Door Entry Phone / Door Entry Buzzer

(different names for the same thing)

Replacing and Installing Came BPT Audio & Video Entry Systems in

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Video Monitors: XTS, Futura, Opale, Perla, Agata, Nova EVO
Handsets (audio): Agata, Perla

Troubleshooting & Repairs

We can Repair & Replace all the following Came BPT parts
Cameras / Monitors / Handsets / Entrance Panels & Buttons / Door Releases / Trades Timers / Speaker Units / Power Supplies

Older Systems: If parts are unavailable we can replace your Handset with a Universal Handset
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Please attach photos of your Came BPT Entrance Panel and Handset

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Beyond Repair. How about a New System?

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If you are upgrading your current system or installing a new one into your Block, please contact us for a FREE QUOTE

We can quote from your own specification or we can send a Surveyor to your property Free of Charge, to prepare a report
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All the Brands that we can Repair & Install – with direct links to the Manufacturers’ Websites – are listed below. If your system is not one of them, feel free to contact us directly

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