Auta Door Entry Systems

Providing installations, maintenance and first class repairs to clients throughout the M25, Rentrifone offer personalised assistance to clients in self-managed or RTM blocks. Our associated brands provide a range of expert security systems and accessories to help increase your home security and meet your specific needs, including;

We also provide a free quotation with professional advice on whether or not your system requires an upgrade.


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Rentrifone works closely with Auta technology in order to provide security systems and door systems that clients can truly rely on. Auta offers a range of products, including door stations, monitors and phones, digital and analogue kits, access control systems and more.

Although Auta is a very fine brand, we at RENTRIFONE believe strongly in choice.

Auta is a Spanish company established in 1966, utilising a vast extent of knowledge in security systems, monitors and more in order to provide clients with state of the art home security technology. It is well known as being one of the main door system manufacturing companies worldwide, having experienced considerable growth over the decades.

Rentrifone provides a complete installation and maintenance service for our associated Auta products. We also provide expert advice and support for existing Auta systems, should you have any questions regarding your current installation. Allow our qualified Engineers to help you with your latest Auta security system, ensuring excellence every time.

About Us

Rentrifone was established in 1982 by Paul Cooney and since then has continued to provide high quality, recommended security systems, CCTV cameras and more to clients throughout the M25. With a focus on self-managed and RTM blocks, Rentrifone offers home security support for residents who have an active role in their management and security. We work with our clients in order to provide a personalised service suited to the needs of each client.

Open throughout the year, we respond promptly to any messages left in our answering machine during our of office hours as a priority the next working day. In order to provide our clients with the best service possible, we operate on a swift response basis to give you the support you need.

With a strong belief in the sense of a local community, a portion of all our profits are donated to local charities in assisting learning disabled children and adults.


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Rentrifone works with many well established brands in order to provide clients across the M25 with first class security systems and maintenance services. Drawing from extensive experience in helping self-managed and RTM blocks, Rentrifone takes pride in ensuring complete client satisfaction in all the services we provide.

To find more about our associated brands, or if you have a question about maintaining or upgrading your current security system, please do contact us today. Fill out the form found on our contact us page and we will get back to you shortly. Or you can also call us directly on 020 8455 3304 where our expert team will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.