Bitron Door Entry Systems

Door Entry / Door Intercom /
Door Entry Phone / Door Entry Buzzer

(different names for the same thing)

Replacing Old Bitron Audio & Video Systems in

Conversions   :   Flats   :   Blocks

* We can Replace or Repair hard-to-get parts for Bitron Systems with Original Equipment
Entrance Panels & Buttons / Cameras / Monitors / Handsets / Trades Timers /
Door Releases / Speaker Units / Power Supplies

Troubleshooting & Repairs

* Older Audio Systems: If parts are unavailable we’ll replace your Handset with a Universal Handset

If any parts or your Old Bitron System are broken, we can replace these with Original Equipment
Call:020 8455 3304

Please attach photos of your Entrance Panel and Handset

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Beyond Repair. How about a new System?

If you would like to Upgrade to a New System please contact us for a FREE QUOTE

We can quote from your own specification or we can send a Surveyor to your property at no cost, to prepare a report
Call:020 8455 3304

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All the Brands that we can Install – including direct links to the Manufacturers’ Websites – are listed in full below.

B.S.T.LEntryphoneCame BPT