Bitron Door Entry Systems

Rentrifone has been REPAIRING and INSTALLING Bitron Door Intercom Systems and Cameras for over thirty years into Conversions, Flats and Blocks

We specialise in Installing and Repairing Audio and Video Door Entry Systems, as well as Keypads and Fobs

Troubleshooting and Repairs

If you are having any problems with your current Door Entry System (Entrance Panel, Monitor, Camera, Door Release, Trades Timer) and you need a Repair or Advice

Please contact us as follows:

* Please note that for older Audio Systems, where parts may not be readily available, we can replace handsets with Universal Handsets
Call:020 8455 3304

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Looking for A New System or Installation

We can Install any of the systems from this supplier listed below

If you are thinking of upgrading your current Door Entry System, or Installing a new one into your Block, please contact us for a FREE QUOTE

If we cannot provide a quote from your specification we will be pleased to send a Surveyor down to your property at no cost, to prepare a report

For more details feel free to visit the suppliers Website below before contacting us.

*Bitron is now part of the URMET group. We can source much of Bitron original equipment for repairs. For new systems please go to the URMET website (see below)
Call:020 8455 3304

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We can SUPPLY and INSTALL all models
For full details of the latest equipment please contact:

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Access Control

Add access control to this system for enhanced security.

Putting YOU in control.

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Looking for different Brands or makes

See Intercom Entry and Access Control + all the leading BRANDS
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