Door Intercom Systems – New Stuff

Door Intercom Systems are moving into the twenty first Century with a bang.

For those who like to be in touch with their lives, even if they are not at home, can now achieve this happy state with a new breed of technology linking the humble Door Intercom System with the modern smartphone handset.

All the major Door Intercom Systems suppliers, and they are the ones we deal with most ( Comelit, BPT, Bitron, Videx, Urmet, Fermex, Elvox, Farfisa ) have now launched products which can be operated via a dedicated App. Samples of these are shown below:

BPT Door Intercom Systems App

Shown on the right is one of the Door Intercom systems from  BPT. These integrate nicely with the AGATA or FUTURA monitors – as well as the smartphone handset. Anywhere in the world (with Wi-Fi)


Comelit Door Intercom systems app
Comelit Door Intercom systems app

As with the Comelit system (illustrated on the left ) the new app based software technology will allow you to:

  • * Respond to callers at your property
  • * Manage your Lights, Gates and Barriers
  • * Check on recorded material (i.e CCTV where installed)


All of this, of course can be done via your smartphone handset, anywhere around the world.

Other more advanced features are:

  • Communication with callers at the entrance panel to your property
  • If other residents in your block have the hardware and the App, then you can communicate directly with them through their own monitors
  • Control of your home automation system

Door Intercom Systems – based on Apps

Door Intercom systems have always been an integral part of properties. Mainly in the past they have been associated with blocks of flats, however individual home are now have these systems installed as a matter of course.

The integrated door intercom  systems described above are more that just a means of enhancing security. In today’ “in touch” world it is important to be contactable at all times and also to have control over the home automation systems that have gained so much popularity.

If you feel that you would like one of these Door Intercom Systems for your own home please contact us at for full details and information